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SaleS 4 StartupS & RookieS


Startups in the B2B businesses are struggling to go beyond their first POC or first few clients. The sales process is either never established and if it is, the sales team is unskilled to execute or both issues


This is a series of meetups with covering various aspects of the sales process. The meetups are a practical & practitioner approach to sales. The entire series is aimed at equipping members to master the sales process.


The methodology is understanding core concepts, build in the meetup, apply in the market for a week, review feedback, learn a new concept, & repeat. Additionally, one could leverage the SaleS AddA sales community to learn, share and build on your network



JUNE 14: Why buyers  buy?


We shall understand the various buying motivations of buyers and also go on to figure out the different types of buyers.

Consultative selling begins by understanding our buyers and their buying motivations. If we can find out what motivates our buyers to buy, selling becomes that much easier



JUNE 7 : Mastering the sales mindset?


Most founders understand that selling is the key to success. It's important that founders sell before onboarding professionals 


The first challenge for most founders & rookies is the fear or mind block for "Selling / Sales". Break this NOW!! Or it could mean days, months or sometimes years of not achieving full potential if one has not already failed


Sales expert: Mr. Gopal Gera


Gopal is sales leader, entrepreneur, & sales consultant. With over 15 years of sales experience, he has worked through the ranks of a rookie sales executive to leadership positions in the largest private financial institutions. Click to watch is

sales video




This is a paid meetup. To book tickets visit 

INR 399 / person / meetup



For details Talk to us





1. What is “Sales 4 StartupS & RookieS” 


SaleS AddA as a community attracted quite a few startups - that includes founders, sales heads, and a few times entire sales teams

The conversation for startups are different from the ones that one has sales professionals from more established organizations



2. What is the conversation? 

Startups in the B2B businesses are struggling to go beyond their first POC or first few clients. The sales process is either never established and if it is, the sales team is unskilled to execute or both


The topics of conversation include, I am not a sales person I am scared to sell, I have a great product - Why are they not buying?, I don’t understand buyers?, How to make a cold call?, How to write an email?, How to negotiate?, How to close a sale? And so on




3. So who should attend? 



Sales teams from startup

Rookies 0 - 3 years of sales experience





4. Why Rookies? 


Most startups we have encountered are founded by professionals from operations and even finance. Most do not have any kind of exposure to selling and lack the basic selling skills like cold calling, emails, qualifying leads, meeting and so,


Similar if not the same set of issues plague those entering the sales profession or wish to take up a sales profession. Any body with 0 - 3 years experience in sales

Therefore rookies




5. What is my take away? Information is available online, why should , invest time & $$?


Information about sales can be easily compiled online but  the key to success is not informatio, it's execution. The series of meet-ups are designed to introduce concept, better understand the nuances of execution, short cuts, case discussions, role plays, and sharing / learn with or from a peer group. This kind of exercise best done offline in a group


The key though is “learn concept -> apply in market -> feedback next week -> relearn -> new topic -> apply in market  -> cycle begins




 6. Is this sales training? 

No & yes :)


No, this is not a full fledged training program as one would conduct in a corporate environment. This is a meet-up with a bunch of peers with the intent of learning and sharing


These are a series of events that span across few weeks. One can pick and choose.


Yes, because the series of topics that are organized to complete a full sales cycle from cold calling to closure. If one attends all the meet-ups in a cycle, one has more covered the topics in a typical training program


7. Why every week?


Typical are one or two days events. A whole lot of information is crammed in a short period. From experience of attending quite a few sales training and work shops, this is not an ideal format for Startups and Rookies 



Sales is about execution. Learn a concept / skill, execute in the market, observe the feedback, share with peers, learn, modify learning and repeat. A significant part of the learning is share with peers, take their feedback and learn from them




8. What is this program, not? 

This program is  NOT a “Go to Market” (GoM) strategy session. One assume GoM is in place 

SaleS 4 StartupS
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